Thank you for your interest! Dynamic Quantum Networks is happy to peer with anyone as long as they meet the peering policy below. If you are happy with the requirements, please send our NOC an email at [email protected]. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

AS200351 Peering Policy

1. Peering Criteria

Dynamic Quantum Networks would like to peer with as many people as possible, but we do have a few requirements:

  1. Your network must have a valid Autonomous System Number (ASN) and IP allocations from a Regional Internet Registry (RIR), Local Internet Registry (LIR), or a similar entity;
  2. Your network must support IPv6;
  3. You must operate a Network Operations Centre (NOC) reachable by email;
  4. You must be willing to establish a bilateral peering relationship with Dynamic Quantum Networks and exchange traffic on a settlement-free basis;
  5. You must have a valid PeeringDB page;
  6. You must keep your IRR and registry data up-to-date.

2. Peering Locations

Dynamic Quantum Networks is happy to peer at any location that works for both of us. We are open to peering at Internet Exchange Points (IXPs):

3. Routing Policy

Dynamic Quantum Networks expect peering partners to adhere to the following routing policy:

  1. Do not announce any prefix that doesn’t belong to your AS or a downstream;
  2. Do not announce any prefix longer than a /24 (IPv4) or /48 (IPv6);
  3. Do not announce routes pointing to bogons or they will be filtered;
  4. Do not announce routes with private or invalid ASNs in the AS path;
  5. All announced prefixes must be valid according to IRR and/or RPKI. Invalid prefixes will be filtered;
  6. Announced routes should be aggregated if possible to avoid routing table inflation;
  7. Do not announce our prefixes to other ASes unless we have a transit agreement; and
  8. Do not send us traffic destined for prefixes we don’t announce.

4. Maintenance and Support

This is a hobby network and as such there are no guarantees of any kind. Dynamic Quantum Networks is maintained on a best-effort basis and we try to respond to as soon as possible, especially if it concerns routing issues with existing peers. We hope you would at least extend the same courtesy if not better.

Dynamic Quantum Networks attempts to automatically update IRR-based filters at least once a day.

5. Termination

Dynamic Quantum Networks reserve the right to terminate peering with any network that violates this peering policy or that we determine to be detrimental to the stability and reliability of Dynamic Quantum Networks.