Thank you for your interest! I am happy to peer with anyone as long as they meet the peering policy below. If you are happy with the requirements, please send me an email at [email protected]. I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

AS200351 Peering Policy

1. Peering Criteria

I would like to peer with as many people as possible, but I do have a few requirements:

  1. Your network must have a valid Autonomous System Number (ASN) and IP allocations from a Regional Internet Registry (RIR), Local Internet Registry (LIR), or a similar entity;
  2. Your network must support IPv6;
  3. You must operate a Network Operations Centre (NOC) reachable by email;
  4. You must be willing to establish a bilateral peering relationship with me and exchange traffic on a settlement-free basis; and
  5. You must keep your IRR and registry data up-to-date.

2. Peering Locations

I’m happy to peer at any location that works for both of us. I’m open to peering at Internet Exchange Points (IXPs):

Or any datacentre where I have a presence, which is none at the moment.

I am also willing to peer over tunnels (WireGuard, GRE, IPIP) as a last resort.

3. Routing Policy

I expect peering partners to adhere to the following routing policy:

  1. Do not announce any prefix that doesn’t belong to your AS or a downstream;
  2. Do not announce any prefix longer than a /24 (IPv4) or /48 (IPv6);
  3. Do not announce routes pointing to bogons or they will be filtered;
  4. Do not announce routes with private or invalid ASNs in the AS path;
  5. All announced prefixes must be valid according to IRR and/or RPKI. Invalid prefixes will be filtered;
  6. Announced routes should be aggregated if possible to avoid routing table inflation;
  7. Do not announce my prefixes to other ASes unless we have a transit agreement; and
  8. Do not send me traffic destined for prefixes I don’t announce.

4. Maintenance and Support

This is a hobby network and as such there are no guarantees of any kind. I strive to maintain my network on a best-effort basis, and I hope you would do the same.

5. Termination

I reserve the right to terminate peering with any network that violates my peering policy or that I determine to be detrimental to the stability and reliability of my network.